Never Say Never

TechCrunch: What Every Entrepreneur Could Learn from Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber is unbelievably entrepreneurial and most of you will never know it because he serves a target demo that doesn’t include you. ..... t in 10 years he’ll be a mainstream talent rather than a pre-teen girl wonder ..... the new Justin Bieber movie, “Never Say Never.” I was initially skeptical, but it was a pure delight for me from start to finish ..... Justin Bieber is a self-made entrepreneurial success. ...... a kid from a non-privileged background and single mother who makes it big through natural talent plus tons of hard work and a belief that he can do it despite everybody telling him he can’t ...... how hard Justin worked to achieve his dream ..... He was told he’d never have a big following. He was told he’d never be able to play on radio let alone Madison Square Garden. He sold out MSG in 22 minutes. ..... Justin Bieber was discovered by Scooter Braun who saw him on YouTube. ..... was relentless in convincing Justin’s mom to come to Atlanta ..... didn’t take no for an answer and even fronted all of Justin’s costs to get him to come to Atlanta. Think of Scooter as Justin’s angel investor. ....... None of the major labels wanted to pick him up and none of the local radio stations wanted to play his music. ...... So they set out a grassroots effort to go directly to the market. Bieber went across the entire country in a bus and on an airplane to meet with every DJ in the country whether they would play him or not. ...... you can’t have a great marketing program around a mediocre product. You need to start with an amazing product ...... , Justin’s is 8-15 year-old girls and he built his music & persona around this demo. ...... getting out and talking directly with customers ...... evangalizing yourself, meeting key influencers, meeting customers, taking feedback, refining your product and winning people over. ......Bieber Tweeted constantly when he would be at a radio station. Girls started appearing to get his autograph. At first it was 10-20 girls, then 40, then 80 then he started getting malls shut down due to safety concerns of local police. He mastered the art of going direct to his audience via Twitter. ...... find free marketing opportunities ..... Bieber also uploaded all of his stuff onto YouTube. .. There’s nothing like having YouTube fans to prove to labels that you can sell music. ...... you need to engage directly with your audience. ..... just grab your nearest niece or nephew and tell your friends that you only went because you wanted to be a good uncle or aunt.

What's The Fuss About Justin Bieber?


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