Wordpress For Mobile App Creation

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ReadWriteWeb: Like WordPress for Mobile App Creation: Cabana is a Service to Watch: Is it possible for a visual drag-and-drop mobile app creation tool to deliver a sophisticated product? ..... Drag and drop addition of features like a camera, check-ins on services like Gowalla or Foursquare, integration of the Instagram photo API and many more things are possible. ..... There is a clear demand for this kind of light app publishing technology
This is the future people. Until the mobile web attains the same levels as the big screen web, we will need apps. And just like every offline business needs its own specific website, the mobile phone app has become the equivalent of the website on the big screen web. And the only way to meet that demand would be through services like this that promise to take the wizardry out of mobile app creation. Anyone who can drag and drop should be able to build an app.

Do you have a migraine? I believe there is an app for that.
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Ajay said…

I heard about you and I am trying to contact you. I am a doctor from Janakpur here in USA and need to talk to you.

Ajay Thakur
mobiappmax said…
this site useful to knowing abt the mobile apps, iphone apps, android apps

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