What's The Fuss About Justin Bieber?

What's the fuss? I have decided to go on YouTube and listen to a Bieber tune or two. For the first time.

The guy has presence. He reminds me of Natalie Portman. As in, he has both intellectual oomph and emotional depth. He is balanced. He is not one of those who might end up with a drug overdose just because they became famous.

If I had been listening to some FM radio station, I'd not have missed on any of these. I just came across one of the disadvantages of consuming content on the internet. You only consume what you want to consume. You can end up with a tunnel vision.
Natalie Portman at the premiere gala for Love ...Image via Wikipedia
That is why I am leery of always being tethered to the smartphone when you are on the move. You have to smell the street. You have to take in the people.

And the dude sure has a signature hairstyle.

I am glad I sampled, it was quite a cultural experience, but Justin is not my type.

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