Larry Wants To Become A Household Name

Larry Elllison on stage.Image via WikipediaLarry Ellison for a brief period became the richest person in the world, and he very much continues to be one of the richest. But he never became a household name like Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, for that matter. If it is any solace to him, the two Google founders or Eric Schmidt did not become household names either.

The thing about Oracle is the largest database company in the world does background work. Windows is in your face. But the software that processes your credit card transactions stays out of sight.

But Larry is not one to give up. I think he desperately wants to become a household name. I, for one, think his chances are slim. Just like Google might not "get" social, Oracle might stay on the enterprise side, and might never be able to cross over to the consumer side. It is one of those things. It might be easier for Larry to demolish HP than become a household name. Ugh, oh, even the richest can't have everything they want.

But with Larry you can never say never.

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E-Commerce Times: Oracle May Be Too Late for the Cloud Office Party announced two cloud-based office productivity suites for the desktop and mobile devices -- Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3. Both products will compete directly with Google Docs and Microsoft Office..... designed to be enterprise-level suites with applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database and drawings ..... noting that HP is vulnerable to marketshare losses. ..... In the past, Oracle has downplayed cloud computing. With the new Cloud Office products, Oracle sounds like a convert. ..... "Larry Ellison made comments about the cloud being no new thing. He's actually correct. It's been around forever," noted King. "It's basically a highly virtualized data center, and that's been around since data centers have been around. ...... Oracle bites off a big chunk of competition with office products -- possibly more than it can chew so late in the game. ..... "Google and Microsoft are not Oracle's only rivals," noted Savage. " -- which has had a spectacular rise and growth -- is clearly targeting Oracle with, and they are already strong in the cloud and SaaS space.

The Register: Oracle preps Google and Microsoft Office challenger The Google and Microsoft Office two-way online productivity tussle is about to turn into a three way, with Oracle pitching a pro-Java, anti AJAX-option...... create and edit word documents and spreadsheets and to deliver presentations. ...... Oracle has promised that Cloud Office uses web standards, but it will also use JavaFX - the currently closed Java scripting language for rich-internet applications and UIs Oracle inherited from Sun Microsystems. ..... We'd like to see accelerated development based on this exciting new platform Java with FX, which allows us - thank-you very much James [Gosling], no more AJAX tools, which a lot of suffering programmers will pray for you for the rest of their lives because they don't have to program in AJAX any more. ...... Google Docs uses AJAX ....... Office Web Apps uses AJAX too, with HTML and Microsoft's closed Silverlight browser-based media player...... pushing Cloud Office as something for use on netbooks and also tablets.
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