Honeycomb: Looks Like Finally Google "Gets" The Tablet

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - FEBRUARY 02:  The Google A...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeGoogle likes to iterate. They will put out something lousy. And finally on the fifth attempt they will get it right. The iPad had no real competition for an entire year. But now looks like that is about to change.

TechCrunch: First Impressions Using Android Honeycomb, Google’s iPad Rival

I am someone who has never bought an Apple product. I love Google like some people love Apple. It is the web thing. I like Google's thing for the web.

Google finally got Android right for the smartphone and has fast become the market leader in the space. I like things cheap. Because then you can go to the masses.

That through Honeycomb Google might finally crack open the tablet market for the vast masses is a good thing.
Pollen in a honeycombImage via Wikipedia
I am a power user. I need my keyboard. But the tablet seems to meet most computing needs for most people.
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