Do You Use Hashtags In Emails?

I found myself using a hashtag in an email recently. First time. But I liked doing it. I wrote a few lines of email, and then I put down the hashtag at the end which captured the entire email in one word. I felt good doing it.

Isn't that the point? But on Twitter the hashtag lets you reach out to other like-minded people. Over email that is not the case. So I think I just invented a new use of the hashtag.

There is so much room for innovation within the inbox. The inbox is wild territory.

Come to think of it, emails should also have labels/tags like blog posts do. I think.
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Anonymous said…
It is a great idea but the problem with that is that hashes are ignored by most email clientes and online services searches.

This is, a search for #orange and will most likely find all the emails with the word "orange" in them

that is why I use "underscoretags", like _orange

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