Pretending To Be Dead

On Saturday I went for a four hour plus walk in the blizzard. It was tremendous fun. I was pretty aimless in where I was going. So far so good. Then I got back and drank some water that was colder than it needed to be. That precipitated a cold.

Turmeric powder works. Garlic works. Ginger works. Tylenol works.

Sunday afternoon I was good enough to sneak in 200 push ups and 200 tummy muscle bicycles. But then I got hit by another wave Monday. Sundown and I went down. I decided on the bed rest solution. I lay down there pretending to be dead.
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When it was finally time to go for the Tuesday evening event I had signed up for - 25 Avenue B - I was fine.

The event said Laughing Squid something and I am thinking I am going to witness some stand up comedy. I misread the situation. Instead I found a bunch of people talking aimlessly.
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