Getting Popular At PlanCast

Image representing Mark Pincus as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBaseIf the CEO of a hot startup himself emails you without any prompt, I think you have a right to feel a little popular. So I got an email from the PlanCast CEO a few days back. It almost felt like the emails I got from Mark Pincus in early 2009. Pincus has become big since, and he does not respond to my emails no more.

I came across PlanCast through Charlie O'Donnell's events newsletter that he sends out every Monday morning. One event linked to its page on PlanCast, so I RSVPd, and ended up discovering the site. I have been hooked since. It is a great place to find events.

I have not added any events myself yet, but that is about to change.

A few days back I had 10 followers. Then overnight the number crossed 20, and I am like who are these people? They were mostly from the West Coast, and I am like, wow. West Coast people, eh? Again the question I was asking was, how did they find me? And why do they want to follow a guy who only goes to NYC events?

The number has gone up since. I now have 25 followers on PlanCast.
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