12 Digit Global, Mobile Smartphone Numbers

The first smartphone "The Simon" by ...Image via WikipediaJust like every website has a unique web address, every smartphone needs to come with a unique 12 digit number straight from the manufacturer. As soon as it can tap into wifi, that is the number the phone responds to, it rings when you call that number. There is no phone company involved anywhere in the equation. There is no monthly fee.

Because it is web based, it is global. The web is a country on its own. As long as you can come online is all that matters. The phone calls are free.

We would have to agree on industry standards so that numbers don't get duplicated anywhere. If we could do this, voice would overtake video as the fastest growing segment of internet traffic. People want to talk to each other. That would be a contribution to world peace. I thought it was Chatroulette, I was wrong. It's the smartphone, the kind that makes and receives free phone calls globally.

Voice is just data. There is no reason whatsoever why phone calls need to be any different from emails. You send and receive as many as you want. Email addresses don't have area codes, country codes, none of that nonsense.

The phone should have an offline mode to it. You could still have the option to pay a phone company a much lower monthly fee to make and receive phone calls for when you are not online. And that offline mode should have a traditional number.

Talk about the phone ringing off the hook.
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