Microsoft Doldrums

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseThe chances of Microsoft coming from behind in the mobile phone space are slim. The chances of Microsoft coming from behind in the tablet space are slim. The chances of Windows and Office getting the sexy back are also slim. So what is a company the size of Microsoft supposed to do?

It still has loads of cash. It could put some of that money into completely futuristic, unrelated to software things, stuff like clean tech, nanotech, biotech, microfinance. Think Google's wind farms and smart cars. As long as the money grows, it does not have to grow in software. (Google Car, Google Monorail, Offshoring The Wind Harvesting: Google Wind)

It could perhaps create a fund to focus on the mobile web space.

Gaming is still strong for Microsoft. And there it has somewhat of a lead in the 3D space. It should perhaps double down on that. (Microsoft's Gesture)

Windows and Office are nowhere close to dead, but they are on their way out. Office has to go online to make sense, and not in a half hearted way. Windows has to become stripped down and (gasp) free.

TechFlash: Goldman Sachs predicts tough times ahead for Microsoft in 2011
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