Learning The Wrong Lessons From Wikileaks

Vint Cerf, North American computer scientist w...Image via WikipediaVint Cerf: Chief Internet Evangelist: Google: Governments shouldn’t have a monopoly on Internet governance: Gooble Public Policy Blog
The beauty of the Internet is that it’s not controlled by any one group. Its governance is bottoms-up .... the UN Committee on Science and Technology announced that only governments would be able to sit on a working group set up to examine improvements to the IGF—one of the Internet’s most important discussion forums .... we don’t believe governments should be allowed to grant themselves a monopoly on Internet governance. The current bottoms-up, open approach works—protecting users from vested interests and enabling rapid innovation. Let’s fight to keep it that way.
This issue is kind of like net neutrality, it is kind of like free speech. Like some Iranian authorities like to say, we are for people speaking freely, but the free speech should be in moderation. Either there is free speech, or there is no free speech. You take away net neutrality and the web has become cable television.

The United Nations does not have authority over the Internet. The UN is a body of the nations of the world. But the Internet sits above all those nations in a realm of its own. The Internet is literally a new country.

America used to be the new country. Now America has become Europe. The Internet is that new country. The UN trying to rule over the internet is going to be like Britain colonizing America. How that ended was a war of independence took place. I predict something similar to take place should the UN try to lord over the Internet. If you think Wikileaks has been a pain, imagine relentless Wikileaks against government after government after government.

The nation state can not stand still. It has to change in the age of social media.

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