JP Rangaswami: Chief Scientist:

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ZDNet: JP Rangaswami and the future of The appointment of JP Rangaswami as’s first chief scientist could push the company in an even more radical direction than we’ve already seen if he’s given any say in product strategy.
This is the first I am learning of JP's move from British Telecom to JP, of course, is the guy who introduced me to Twitter. According to, I am number 52 in NYC on Twitter.

Congrats JP. Keep making bold moves.

JP Rangaswami, Utterly Confused Of Calcutta
JP Rangaswami, Utterly Confused Of Calcutta (2)

So JP sends me a direct message on Twitter last year. He is passing through town, let's meet. I get excited. He is based out of London otherwise. I am waiting for another direct message, maybe a tweet, an email perhaps about where and when. Ends up he was speaking at a Twitter conference and he assumed I knew about it and would be there. I was not there. Then I read a tweet from him: flying off to London. I send him a DM: JP, you stood me up! He says, where were you, I was looking for you all over the conference.
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