Google: Best Company Its Size

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Paul Buchheit: Four reasons Google is still Awesome: Google is probably still the best company of its size, and I really enjoyed my time there. ..... They take big risks ..... Google has enough big successes, such as Chrome and Android ..... Google's weapon of choice is more often open source and open standards. ..... Cultures that don't laugh at themselves are cults.
I am a Google fanboy. So I really liked this post by Paul Buchheit. Google really is the best company its size. And Paul points out Android and Chrome. I have said at this blog before that those two alone are two separate Google size companies. They are big.

It was not Google's job to bring to the world Instagram. It is a sexy little application. But Google is plenty busy with big innovations. And it is not realistic for all new stuff to come out of one big company. A big size startup is supposed to
Paul BuchheitImage by Thomas Hawk via Flickr tackle big problems. And so Google's foray into clean energy makes a ton of sense.

The Cloud OS
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