A $50 Smartphone Running On Free WiFi

Bruce Willis at a Live Free or Die Hard (Die H...Image via WikipediaThis is what I am waiting for: a $50 smartphone running on free wifi. You pay for the hardware, you of course keep it charged up, it comes with a charger, and there is no monthly fee to any carrier after that. In a big city like New York, there is free wifi everywhere. And where there is no wifi, you say hello to people. You actually value face time. Hi, my smartphone is not working, let me just have a moment with you.

Bruce Willis tried that on two young women fans in an elevator when they asked for his autograph, and they ran away. As in, forget the autograph, let me just have a moment with you. Let me just say hello.

So careful how you do it though.

My primary phone today is the free Google Voice phone. I got a number, baby. The best part about the number is it never rings. I just get an email in my Gmail account saying I have a missed call from, or I have a voice mail from. Sweet. You click on a link to listen to the voice mail.

I think you should email me. I don't see why you call. Sometimes calling is okay, but mostly you should just email me.
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