What Does Google Do?

SAN JOSE, CA - FEBRUARY 24:  Google co-founder...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThe title of this post is a slight play on a famous book by Jeff Jarvis. This New York Times article below has been making the rounds. Looks like the Google algorithms reward bad behavior. Provide bad customer service, have enraged customers talk about you at various sites, and see yourself go up in search rankings.

This does not make Google a bad company. The same article also exposes credit card companies, law enforcement, and eBay. That same bad apple did not seem to act bad on the Amazon platform, it seems like.

That is how Google works though. If a lot of people link to you, you go up. How would you have it work?
New York Times: A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web “Listen, bitch,” he fumed, according to Ms. Rodriguez. “I know your address. I’m one bridge over” — a reference, it turned out, to the company’s office in Brooklyn...... “I was on the phone with a woman from the fraud department, and it was amazing — she just didn’t care. .... “Hello, My name is Stanley with DecorMyEyes.com,” the post began. “I just wanted to let you guys know that the more replies you people post, the more business and the more hits and sales I get. My goal is NEGATIVE advertisement.” .... Online chatter about DecorMyEyes, even furious online chatter, pushed the site higher in Google search results, which led to greater sales. He closed with a sardonic expression of gratitude: “I never had the amount of traffic I have now since my 1st complaint. I am in heaven.” ..... a pioneer of a new brand of anti-salesmanship — utterly noxious retail — that is facilitated by the quirks and shortcomings of Internet commerce and that tramples long-cherished traditions of customer service, like deference and charm. ..... Google is unable to distinguish between adulatory buzz and scathing critiques when it scours the digital universe ..... “If you have a lot of people who hate Obama, for instance, and you decided to rank on love or hate, you might not be able to find the White House and that would be terrible” ...... DecorMyEyes doesn’t stock the merchandise it sells; it simply takes orders, then buys from an assortment of merchandisers, including several on eBay. Then Mr. Borker instructs those sellers to send products to his customers. ...... A young woman, an assistant with a Russian accent, answers the door. She fetches Mr. Borker, who emerges a minute later — a lean, 30ish man with light hair, about 6 feet 3 inches tall and wearing a T-shirt, sweatpants and a white baseball cap turned backward. ....... “If someone in one of those houses buys from DecorMyEyes and ends up hating the company, it doesn’t matter. All those other houses are filled with people, too, and they will come knocking.” ..... He stumbled upon the upside of rudeness by accident. ..... When online fury about DecorMyEyes drops off, he dreams up new ways to stoke it. ...... Mr. Borker was arrested on Oct. 27, accused of “aggravated harassment” and “stalking” involving Ms. Rodriguez ..... Despite the fear he has inspired, Mr. Borker doesn’t regard himself as a terror. He prefers to think of himself as the Howard Stern of online commerce — an outsize character prone to shocking utterances. ..... Borker described his business as fantastically profitable .... Borker typically works from about 10 a.m. until 5 the next morning, spending much of that time feuding with unhappy customers
Search Engine Land: Google’s “Gold Standard” Search Results Take Big Hit In New York Times Story an unusual marketing strategy: be mean to customers

Schmidt: Listing Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Would Reveal Business Secrets If Coke doesn’t have to hand over its formula, if KFC doesn’t have to reveal its special blend, if the New York Times doesn’t have to document exactly how a story comes to be written in all its various details, why would Google have to give up its crown jewels? ..... site speed was a new factor being considered.

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