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Will China’s 1999 Moment Bail-Out Some Valley VCs? You think China is still a “communist” country? Get. On. A. Plane. .... those bumper stickers spotted in the early 2000s that read “Please, Lord, Give Me One More Bubble” .... several firms have told me their China funds might out-perform their US funds
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Business Insider: Fred Wilson: Hot Potato And Drop.io Are Failures That "Came Crashing To The Ground" Fred Wilson says Justin Shaffer of Hot Potato and Sam Lessin of Drop.io are "essentially failed" entrepreneurs.

If Your Startup Can't Get Money In New York Right Now, There's Something Wrong With It getting quality capital is as challenging as ever. And big brand name VCs aren't changing their pace of funding .... New York City is awash in capital for early stage startups looking for smallish (under $1 million) sized rounds. There's a lot of "hedge fund guys" looking to invest in tech startups in New York right now .... One person we know who has a startup trying to raise money was floored at how easy it was to get a small slug of cash. It was basically a short phone call with a potential investor who said, "I've heard good things about you from people I trust. When you're ready for me to invest, just call me back." ... Google has purchased 25 companies in 12 months.

How Tumblr Grew From 450,000 Users To Several Millions David raised $750k initially and it lasted about 18 months .... David always had the belief that he could build Tumblr the company and the product into something special. And so did we.

David Karp: November 2007: Third time’s a charm there is something absolutely magical about using the real Tumblr on an iPhone..... He was able to squeeze Tumblr into his schedule just before being snatched up by Apple where he’s now working on something he can’t tell us about. .... Of course, this would all be nowhere it weren’t for the 110,000 users that have taken Tumblr so much further than we ever imagined.