A Victory For Larry

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Bloomberg: SAP Must Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion Over Unit's Downloads: the largest jury award of 2010 ..... s the largest ever for copyright infringement and the 23rd-largest of all time for any jury award

Larry asked for two billion. SAP offered 20 million. So Larry upped the ante. He asked for four billion. Looks like he has been awarded close to what he asked for. Asking for two billion and getting 1.3 billion is close.

I guess he is no longer on the SAP payroll. But Apothepo hiding totally sank the SAP boat in this case. A not tech savvy jury will get swayed by such acts. Why is this guy hiding? Where is he? He was not publicly visible. Nobody knew where he was.

Apothepo got fired by SAP. Maybe hiding like this was his way to get even with SAP for firing him. That does not look good on the guy.

This guy cost SAP over a billion dollars. As to how much this guy will cost HP for however long he stays, that is anyone's guess.

Houston, we have a mess on our hands.

If Apothepo Is Innocent, Why Is He Hiding?

In The News

TechCrunch: Today’s Lesson: Make Facebook Angry, And They’ll Censor You Into Oblivion If you sue Google, it isn’t going to threaten to delist your company from its search index. Likewise, Facebook needs to keep its distance from the content its users are sharing

Google Launches Plugin That Fuses Microsoft Office With Google Docs Cloud Connect .... The plugin supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and it’s a big deal for Google’s strategy with Docs. ..... this will work on Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 ....... the download takes around thirty seconds, and the installation process doesn’t take much longer. ...... This plugin will help clear that hurdle by allowing for organizations with a ‘hybrid’ setup. And in the longer term, Google is hoping that as users get more familiar with Docs, they’ll be more comfortable abandoning the Office client altogether. ..... OffiSync has offered much of the same functionality that Google is launching for some time — .... this isn’t available for Mac. Google explains that Microsoft doesn’t offer the same public APIs for the Mac version of Office, so there’s nothing it can do.

Will the Real “eBay of Social” Please Stand Up? (TCTV) Yardsellr which claims it’ll be the “eBay of Facebook;” meanwhile Groupon’s runaway success has made everyone reevaluate social shopping

October 2008: TechCrunch: Sequoia Capital's 56 Slide Presentation Of Doom

Sequoia Venture Capital Warning to CEOs -

Business Insider: How Kleiner Perkins Almost Blew Its Best Investment Since Google "Zynga is the largest, most rapidly growing, most profitable company, with the most happy customers that Kleiner's ever invested in over its life." ...... Google, Sun Microsystems, and Amazon ..... The first time Zynga CEO Mark Pincus pitched the company to KP, for a series A that would close in January 2008, KP passed...... When Pincus came back to KP a second time – for a series B that would close in July 2008 – KP decided to pass

Chris Dixon: Bubble or bust? Nobody knows anything even the smartest investors have no idea what lies ahead. The only way I know to function in a world of so much uncertainty is to focus on fundamentals - great people and long term trends

AllThingsD: Hollywood’s Big Hope: Google Shows Up With Suitcase Full of Money. It Could Happen! “premium full-length content”–movies and TV shows– ..... the search giant is in talks to buy the digital rights to Miramax’s movies ..... Google finally gets its hands on movies people want to see–”No Country for Old Men,” “Pulp Fiction” .... If it starts writing checks to Hollywood, then every content player, everywhere, will expect the same thing. And Google has always insisted that it’s not in the content business, period. ..... Google hired Netflix executive Robert Kyncl to hammer out Hollywood content deals earlier this year
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