Tech Bangalore: A Blog

I would like to introduce you to this awesome blog: Tech Bangalore.

Prashanth is one of the top people on Twitter out of Bangalore.

Prashanth and I collaborate.

Airtel unveils new logo! Also announces on track with 3G rollout
Facebook mail!! Will it really kill Gmail?
Jume: Get things done socially!
[Android App] Reporting errant auto rickshaw drivers now even more easier!
BSNL launches Fiber To Home (FTTH) Service, 100 Mbps Internet connection is here!!
Technical Insight: was redirected to congress website!!
Norton Internet Security 2011: Faster and much more Safer!
Hack ‘Chromed Bird’ to Tweet ‘via Your App’
Barcamp Bangalore 9 is here!
Watch youtube videos on facebook in fullscreen!

Historical Map of Bangalore, India, circa 1924.Image via Wikipedia
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