Model Job Offer Scam Threat

from Tammy Thomas
to Paramendra Bhagat
date Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 4:57 AM
subject Re: Model Job Offer!
Nov 19 (3 days ago)

You must be very foolish and stupid for you posting the info of the company at

Just got the company Lawyer with me right now and i want you to get ready for the case you are about to be charge for right now..

I guess we meet in court

You also advise to get the info of the company off the site you posted it

goodbye still we meet in court..

How I Unearthed A Scam
Model Job Offer Scam

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GQ: Leader: Michael Bloomberg: Bloomberg is surely the most intriguing politician in America today, by turns earthy and high-minded, funny and dismissive, modest and self-congratulatory. ..... New York is different, because we live as a mixture and they live as a mosaic. In London, there is an Arab quarter, if you will, an Irish quarter, a Roma quarter, whatever...... I am a believer that the public is a lot smarter than the press—that they don't read the press, listen to the press, remember what the press wrote. If you go out in the street and say, "Who is Monica Lewinsky or Gary Condit?" a lot of people wouldn't know. And the public wants somebody they believe is genuine. ..... the last thing I'm ever going to do is criticize the president. .... Then she looks up at me adoringly and says, "And I'm so glad you're pro-life." ..... I have no intention of running for president or any other office.
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