MapCrunch: Random Places

Google's Street View Camera Car in Wangen-Brüt...Image via Wikipedia

This site is so cool. It taps into the Google Street View database to show you random pictures from all over the world - I just saw one from Antarctica - and it is quite a feeling. In some ways this feels better than Google Earth, although Google Earth is an experience of its own.

You hit the N key on your keyboard and the next picture shows up, and next, and next.

You can view pictures by continent or country. Not all countries are available yet, but that's okay. I will wait.

And there is the obligatory slideshow option. And, of course, full screen mode.

Bon Voyage.

This is not a social experience, and I am absolutely loving it. This is not even crowdsourcing. This is Google. This is data. This is information.

Google has been all these places that I wish I had been but have not. I am glad Google was carrying a camera. Google and I are friends. Hello penguins.

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