Hotpot Is A Cheesy Name

Google Lat Long Blog: Discover Yours: Local recommendations powered by you and your friends
Google Mobile Blog: Personally Yours on the Go - Personalized Recommendations in Google Maps 4.7
Search Engine Land: Google Hotpot: Local Recommendations From Your Friends Might it eventually be merged with Google’s other location, social, and other services to provide a robust Foursquare-like experience?

I hope Google does not try to work on an Instagram killer. Big companies can make that mistake. Maybe Microsoft should not have gone into search. It should have tried to go into the next big thing. But then there is always that buzz envy. You are Microsoft, and you are big, and everyone all the way to the Justice Department is talking about you, and boom, Google steals the limelight, so what do you do? You throw the kitchen sink at search.

Happened to Google. They wanted to buy or bury Facebook. Happened to Facebook. They wanted to buy or bury, or at least copy Twitter. Now everyone is trying to get into the local space.

I believe this is Google's fourth or fifth entry into local. They think they can get the press release right with a new attempt. When you don't get enough coverage, launch again.

Everyone wants to get social, everyone wants to get local, everyone wants to get coupons. I just want the inbox. Kidding.

I have liked the idea of multiple email vendors. I have hoped maybe someone will get it right. Noone has yet quite. Maybe I should extend the same courtesy to mobile/social/local/coupon.

Wait, that was an email I received not long back. The email said, some of my friends in San Fran are working on an app in the mobile/social/local/coupon space and are looking for 50-250K in funding. Anyone interested, please email back. And I am thinking, wow, they got all bases covered, they must be hot!

In The News

ZDNet: Windows 8 to showcase 'desktop as a service'? "the desktop should not be associated with the device. (T)he desktop can be thought of as a portal which surfaces the users apps, data, user state and authorisation and access" ..... Hardware failure becomes a non-issue (at least in theory) for users, and more reliable maintenance of applications and the operating system become possible

VentureBeat: Who needs Facebook? Zynga launches first two games on Yahoo the first phase of a larger Zynga-Yahoo integration ..... partly at the urging of investors, Zynga has moved to diversify.
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