A Cross Hudson Subway Would Be Nice

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Bloomberg: Christie Says New York Must Pay First to Add Cross-Hudson Subway Link: a subway link between Secaucus and Manhattan ... a proposed $8.7 billion commuter-rail tunnel linking Newark to New York ..... The conduit was projected to double rush-hour train capacity between the two cities. ..... an alternative, to extend the city’s No. 7 subway line under the Hudson River to northern New Jersey. ..... alternative, projected to cost about $5.3 billion, is better
I never understood why New Jersey needed to be a separate state, or at least northern New Jersey. I think we should let go of upstate and take over northern New Jersey and carve out a state of New York Metro.

Going from Manhattan to northern New Jersey should feel like going from Manhattan to Queens. It is the same subway ride, the same metro card. That would ease up the pressure on the city substantially.

Rent is cheaper in New Jersey. And connecting more closely would ease things up for commuters.
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