Chrome OS Moved On Further

Google Chrome IconImage via WikipediaI guess Google has been riding the Android storm and wishes to stick to the momentum for as long as possible, and so the latest hint is the Chrome OS will not see the light of day for a few more months. That's too bad.

The Chrome OS, done well, could be quite a paradigm shift. The Chrome OS netbook is going to excite me like the iPad never did.
Mashable: Google CEO: Android Is for Touch, Chrome OS Is for Keyboards: Google sees Chrome OS as the operating system for traditional computers, such as PCs, netbooks and laptops, which may include touch interfaces but always include keyboards ..... Schmidt says to expect Chrome OS “in the next few months” and the new version of Android (a.k.a. Gingerbread) in the next few weeks.
I am not convinced you don't need a keyboard. And the smartphone has a screen that is too small. Not too small for while you are out and about, but too small for regular web browsing. When the mind roams, let the body sit, give the mind a full size screen.

Android robot logo.Image via WikipediaYou don't need no desktop. All you need is a browser.

Android is clearly Google's priority for now. I wish the company could chew gum and walk at the same time.

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