Ben Horowitz: Hip Hop Mogul

Ben: As Kanye says, hip hop is 1/2 what you say and 1/2 how you say it, so I put the tracks up on the blog
Me: @bhorowitz The hip hop quotes make your blog stand out and gets me to keep coming back. Although the posts are also good.

Ben's Blog: Why Andreessen Horowitz Just Raised $650,000,000
we invest in companies not stages. We want to be in business with the best entrepreneurs going after the biggest markets and we do not care whether they need seed money, venture money or growth money. We believe in great entrepreneurs and the products and companies they build. ...... our fund is stage agnostic. As in fund 1, we are excited about investing $50,000 in exciting new seed deals and we are excited about investing 
Kanye WestImage via Wikipedia$50,000,000 in companies like Skype ..... We have seen other firms raise so much money that they lower their quality bar in order to “put the money to work.” We would strongly prefer to run out of money sooner and be forced to raise a third fund than to have that problem..... In venture capital, general partners are paid a percentage of the return on investments. ..... Prior to raising fund I, Marc and I were angel investors for three years. Many of those angel investments turned out to be outstanding venture-stage startups. As importantly, the entrepreneurs who ran them wanted us to invest in their venture rounds.
"We are size agnostic." Wow. I like that.

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