Solar Panels To Roll Out

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Technology Review: Clearing the Way for Cheap, Flexible Solar Panels: lightweight, flexible panels that are cheap to ship and easy to install (by unrolling them over large areas). .... The protective film is a multilayer, fluoropolymer-based sheet that can replace glass as the protective front cover of solar panels ..... Glass has been the armor of choice because it's cheap, weather-resistant, and durable enough to last decades. .... Blending solar panels into roofs also can overcome aesthetic objections .... a plastic film that is 23 micrometers thick, much thinner than the 3,000-micrometer glass typically found on solar panels today .... Flexible solar panels also can be larger than glass panels
Slow but sure innovation in clean tech is happening. One just wishes it were happening much faster.

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Edward Robins said…
Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, is what makes up a photovoltaic panel, or more commonly known as a solar panel.

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