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"There are not going be that many innovating companies coming from the web."
- Peter Thiel
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Do you have the next Facebook? (Upper West Side)

Date: 2010-10-02, 6:09AM EDT
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I am looking to provide capital and business guidance for the next great idea. I am a successful entrepreneur and can help take a business to the next level.

If you have a business or idea you have been contemplating and are looking for some type of assistance lets connect.

Shoot me an email to start.



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Adoption And Missed Opportunities

Peter Thiel: We Would Be A Lot More Careful About Funding Facebook Today. But…: What he meant is that he would think twice about investing in Facebook again because there are not going be that many innovating companies coming from the web. He thinks that a lot of the current big guys, like Google and Yelp, will be at the forefront of innovation and that there’s not many game-changers emerging that will innovate on the web. He tells Lacy, “Yelp of cellphones will be Yelp, the Google of cellphones will be Google.”

TechCrunch: How Facebook Can Become Bigger In Five Years Than Google Is Today: Facebook will grow without needing to cut into Google’s core business of text ads, which are still 99% of Google’s profits ..... because Madison Avenue’s brands are less interested in targeting than they are in broadcasting to vast mother-loving buckets of demographically correct eyeballs, and Facebook has become the perfect platform for that. ...... Facebook already has more page views than Google. People already spend more time spent on Facebook than Google. ..... For many consumers, Facebook is the Web....... Facebook’s second-mover advantage affords the company the luxury of offering both types of Internet money-making product: Advertising and Commerce..... targeted lead-generations and subsequent transactions feed into the next series of even-better-targeted lead-generations and subsequent transactions ..... Television advertising represented $60 billion in 2009, or roughly one out of every two dollars spent on advertising in the U.S. ..... Facebook “is the equivalent for us to what TV was for marketers back in the 1960s. ..... brand advertising, which accounts for 90 percent of the $600 billion ad market. ..... . Yahoo just paid $1 per like, and buying fans is only going to get more expensive as the lifetime value of a “fan” is better understood. ...... Facebook Credits are poised to be this generation’s American Express .... Facebook is running the real mafia wars, taking 30% while letting the game developers do the heavy lifting. ..... PayPal’s 2009 revenue was $2.8 billion with 87 million active accounts ..... The most famous example of this in our industry is Microsoft’s inability to come to terms with the Web. When Windows and Office were making money hand over fist, text ads were as small as mouse balls. .... in 2004 when Jason Kottke boldly predicted that Google would become “the biggest and most important company in the world in 5-8 years” by selling access to the world’s biggest, best, and most cleverly utilized map of the web

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