A Blogger Is Not A Columnist

031Image by UMDNJ School of Nursing via FlickrWhen some companies decide to get into blogging they realize they have finally figured out a way to make it more possible for more people at their own pace, at their own time to read their press releases. If you missed one of ours, dig into the archives, they are all there.

Some celebrity journalists or public figures in general think blogging is about becoming a newspaper columnist, something they always wanted to do, but no big name newspaper saw the light, and hence, people, people, people, here's my blog, get enlightened.

It is okay to put out a press release on a blog. It is okay to publish at a blog an article you might have liked seen published in a newspaper. But a blog is way more than all that. Press releases are announcements, and a blog post can be an announcement. Newspaper columns are about thoughts and opinions, and blog posts can be sharing thoughts and opinions.

But a blog goes way beyond that. On a blog not only do you share your thoughts, but also
Black man reading newspaper by candlelight Man...Image via Wikipediayour thought processes. You reveal more. You publish a thought even when it is not fully formed, it might not even be a thought you might want to defend a week later. There is that rawness angle to blog posts.

Some blog posts can read like journal entries, but blogs are not journals. There is this anything goes attitude a blog asks for. Just be yourself. It is for each blogger to decide what shape his or her blog will take. But I think a general rule is the more you can share, the better. Be yourself. Get comfortable. And share. Anything goes.
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