Arugula And Location Patents

Arugula, the aromatic salad green. Also known as rocket, roquette, rugula and rucola, and is popular in Italian cuisine.
Presidential candidate Barack Obama said arugula on the campaign trail and people were left scratching their heads. Arugula who?

Facebook's Location Patent

And now we learn the Einsteins at the patent office have granted not one but two location patents. In this land of plenty. I would not be surprised if Gowalla has the third one. If not why has FourSquare bothered competing with that little nuisance in the first place? Why not simply go ahead and sue like every big company seems to be doing to every other big company back there in Silicon Valley? With the exception of Larry Ellison. Larry is into fist fights. (Putting My Money On Larry Ellison)

TechCrunch: Oops! That Facebook Location Patent Forgot To Mention Crowley’s Earlier Dodgeball Patent
PC Magazine: Skyhook Sues Google in Location Patent, Contract Dispute
The Tech Herald: Motorola targets Apple across 18 patent violations

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