Search Neutrality

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New York Times: Bits: Texas Attorney General Investigates Google Search: “Given that not every Web site can be at the top of the results, or even appear on the first page of our results, it’s unsurprising that some less relevant, lower quality websites will be unhappy with their ranking” ..... The issue is front and center as Google moves into many new business areas, including local business listings, shopping comparison and travel...... Microsoft finances Foundem’s backer and that its antitrust attorneys represent the other two.

Google has become big enough that it should warrant an anti trust poke. I don't think there is any merit to this Texas cowboy approach to Google, but this tells me Google has become really big now. Looks like Microsoft might be playing some behind the scenes roles. That is unfortunate. Microsoft is losing big in mobile, and its Windows is going archaic, and you can do with Office you can do online for free these days. The idea that Bing is lagging because Google is anti competitive is whispers.

The next thing you know some of these people will want Google to make public its search algorithms. If you think SEO scheming is bad enough today, imagine what after that. Coke has its secret sauce, as does Pepsi, as does KFC. So does Google have its secret sauce.

Microsoft is not losing to Google in search. Microsoft never really was in the ring in the first place. Microsoft has an Economics major CEO. What can it expect?
Google Public Policy Blog: Texas Inquires On Our Approach To Competition: our success is earned the right way -- by building great products, not locking in our users or advertisers...... recent filings have revealed that the company’s own servers overheated, explaining their reduced traffic.

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