Offerpal Media: New CEO

Image representing Offerpal Media as depicted ...Image via CrunchBaseVentureBeat: Offerpal Media Names A New CEO During A Tough Transition: Mihir Shah as its new chief executive and president. .... Garrick will become executive chairman. Garrick himself replaced Offerpal’s founding chief executive, Anu Shukla, in October, 2009. During his tenure, Garrick was trying to reposition Offerpal in the wake of a scandal over the legitimacy of the offer business. ..... the whole offer industry was hurt last fall by a storm over offers that appeared to be scams, duping consumers with misleading or objectionable offers. ..... moved to clean up its offers, setting new standards to lock out the scammers..... began streamlining the company and broadened its appeal to advertisers by moving beyond offers. Offerpal also bought mobile ad network firm Tapjoy in March. ...... “The social and mobile gaming spaces are in a transitional and converging period right now, and we have some exciting ideas for using our extensive footprint and expertise to help game developers, social platforms and online advertisers navigate the changing environment."

The Highlight Of My Internet Week
Anu Shukla Has Found The New Frontier In Advertising

Some shady vendors used the Offerpal Media platform to do some shady things, but Google still suffers from click fraud. That does not change the fact that what Offerpal Media is attempting is at the cutting edge of advertising.

It is a new frontier. Mistakes will be made.

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