A New Floor Of 1,000 Page Hits

Last month my tech blog - Netizen - suffered because I was primarily focused on blogging for Reshma 2010 at my Barackface blog. (Reshma Saujani) I have only 20 posts at this blog in August as compared to almost 60 each for the two months before that. On the other hand I have 110 posts at my Barackface blog for August. That might be my best month at any blog ever. In a way I feel very good about that output. On the other hand I consider myself someone wanting to make a full time income as a blogger while blogging not being my primary thing to do.

I hate it when people call me a writer or a journalist. As far as my political blogs go - I got two - my work can more appropriately be described as digital activism. The work is political. You are trying to impact, you are trying to contribute. You are trying to move and shake things.

My best day at this blog has been 3,000 page hits. By now I think a floor of 1,000 page hits for a day is no big deal. It can be done. I worked extra hard yesterday and already things are picking up.

I want the floor at this blog to be 3,000 page hits. I want the ceiling to become the new floor. A few weeks of work might bring that about.

1,000 is a very good number for a day. That is about 10% of what Fred Wilson's blog does.

What Just Happened? 3,000 Page Hits

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