Are You Social?

Do you eat alone often? Are you checking emails while eating? How often do you eat with loved ones?

Do you turn the phone off at meetings? Or are you clandestinely checking email while others are talking?

Do you tell people off because you are too busy with Twitter and Facebook?

When you walk down the street, are you taking the street in? Or are you glued instead to your small screen?

When you ride the subway, are you enjoying the crowd? Do you sometimes say hello to complete strangers?

How often do you actually hang out with friends in person? Or has Facebook made that less necessary?

How many friends do you have? People you really know, people you will go out with for a drink, perhaps a lunch? When was the last time you made a new friend?

Do you have non tech friends? Perhaps people who are not on Twitter.

Can you hold conversations? Or do you find yourself longing for your small screen two minutes into one?

Do you spend at least one day a week when you don't touch a device? No computer, no phone.

Do you exercise? Do you eat well? Do you sleep well?

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