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The name is so obvious, I am surprised I and others did not think it up soon enough. There were many other names floating. iTablet, iSlate, iBook. I was kind of thinking the name might be iSlate. But iPod, iPhone, iPad, the name just makes sense. P, P, P.

It is a new category. This is not a netbook. There is the PC - invented by Apple - there is the digital music player and the smartphone - both reinvented by Apple - there is the netbook - ignored by Apple - and now the tablet - reinvented by Apple. Microsoft toyed with the tablet idea a long time, but I guess they are not a hardware company.

Apple today is primarily a mobile company. The PC is more of a backdrop to them. Steve Jobs cracked Graphical Use Interface (GUI) before Bill Gates did. Now it is all about touch. I don't know if touch is the next big thing, but it is definitely a big, important addition to the computing experience ecosystem.
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I keep thinking of the physically challenged. Some of t…

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NY Tech MeetUp: Europe Edition

The NY Tech MeetUp continues to be my favorite MeetUp in town, and the go-to event every month. When I first showed up in town years ago, I was signing up for MeetUps left and right, then I whittled it all down to one MeetUp, the NY Tech MeetUp. By now I have signed up for a few more. But I am not a regular at the few that I have signed up for. The NY Tech MeetUp is it.

And tonight they got something called The European Edition. I am looking forward to it.

Special NY Tech Meetup: The European Edition
1. From London, UK, Advertag - Tag-based search technology for classifieds and image search
2. From Bucharest, Romania & London, UK, Brainient - Helping video publishers monetize video content by adding interactive elements and affiliate marketing
3. From Warsaw, Poland & London, UK, Codility - Automated testing of programmers via the Web, saving employers and recruiters both time and money
4. From Tallin, Estonia, Erply - Compr…


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My Name Is Khan And I Am Not A Terrorist

Presenting At The Dot Com Hatchery

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JyotiConnect: Executive Summary

So last night I presented at the Dot Com Hatchery for five minutes, took questions for five, and then listened to comments from the panelists for a few more minutes. Overall it was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Sun Microsystems
101 Park Avenue
4th floor, Gramercy Park Room
New York, NY 10017

I was hoping to put out a series of posts at this blog leading to the day of the presentation, but I did not do. That was a mistake.
How many people are online today? What has been the history? What are the projections?A survey of the global mobile market. A long, definitive post about Wimax. Where is it coming from? Where is it going?A history of the ISP business. AOL, Juno etc.

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ISPs today, in the US, in the world. A definitive post about Netbooks. A definitive post about the Chrome OS.A definitive post about PC market share. Which are the top companies? What have been their trajectories?One Laptop Per Chi…