Whuffie: Vamsi Sistla

Earlier I was at the first ever Whuffie MeetUp in New York City. If you are like me, you are also new to the word and concept.

Several months back I met an Indian from Canada at the NY Tech MeetUp. We exchanged cards. Recently he emailed me and introduced to Vamsi Sistla over email. I was to meet Vamsi on Wednesday. But instead he invited me to come to his first ever Whuffie MeetUp. I am glad.

Whuffie is an interesting concept. Measuring it could be grand business. Whuffie is like search, news, email. It is a basic web concept. A company that could figure out a way to really, truly measure your whuffie could make big bucks.

Whuffie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Whuffie is the ephemeral, reputation-based currency of Cory Doctorow's science fiction novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. ... 
The Whuffie Bank - Reputation is Wealth
TC50: Meet The Whuffie, A New Currency That's Based On Your Online ...
Making Whuffie

Vamsi Sistla - LinkedIn 
Vamsi Sistla | Facebook
BABC 2007: Meet Vamsi Sislta

Vamsi Sistla On The Coming Convergence of IM and VoIP. Get Real ...

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