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For the past decade and a half we have watched pretty much everything go online. Casinos have ended up there too. Expect that trend to only accentuate. You can look forward to richer media experiences. A parallel universe that comes to mind is gaming. Gambling is like gaming. Online gambling is a sport of sorts.

I am aware of of the social baggage tied to that word gambling. But there was gambling before the web came along. The big news is not that gambling has moved online. I think those who intend to play watchdog roles should focus primarily on making it a safe experience for those who are going to indulge in it anyway.
So I like sites that offer to be portals to online casinos. They do the vetting for you. They make sure the safety standards are met. And they work hard to inform you just as they intend to entertain.

And if you don't want to lose money, play it for free. There are those kinds as well. Some really smart people like Warren Buffett are into poker. Poker games are one of the staples at casinos. Online poker, how about it?

I hope the experience is safe, regulated and fun. And I am excited about the technological underpinnings of what the online casino experience might be in a few years, just like I would like to imagine what companies like Google might be doing in a few years.
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News this morning is YouTube wants to get into gaming. You should be able to interact with your YouTube videos: that is the idea. The online casino experience could benefit from such advances.

And the free, no deposit online casinos naturally would have global appeal. Can come online, can play. It is all in the mind. Throw some music in there, will you?

I was past 20 when I landed in America. I don't follow baseball, or basketball or football. Give me my World Cup Soccer. There are many online casino games that run tournaments. Legions of fans follow them. The best online casino sites help fans follow the tournaments of interest.

Have fun. Be safe. Win if you can. Don't lose too much.

Go to Vegas. If you can't, go to Vegas Red.

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