Elgg: A Job Marketplace

Overlap-between-business-designImage by Alex Osterwalder via Flickr
Elgg is a job marketplace. If you are looking for top designers, coders and talented techies in general, dig deep at Elgg Exchange. This is the go to place to find Elgg developers.

Too many job sites out there are too general. You post a job and you collect resumes like you might have collected stamps as a kid. It is often a deluge. Instead of finding someone to do your job, you get a job, the job to plough through an endless stream of irrelevant resumes.

Egg Exchange is much more specific. The site attracts top talent, developers who value "beautiful design, beautiful code, high standards." The site lists about 100 jobs at any one time. So it works great for those looking for jobs as well. It is not a flood. It just helps you make an informed decision. If you are in the niche, you should not have to look around too hard.

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