When O'Reilly Said 2.0

jonge Koolmees - Parus majorImage by Frans Persoon via Flickr
  • Obama not on Twitter. This makes the "humbled" tweet really interesting.
  • Outright book keeping.
  • Microsoft to Google: that was fast.
  • IBM eating its own dog food on business analytics.
  • That all in one device will be the Internet Computer. It will replace the PC, the Netbook, the smartphone, the Kindle.
  • When O'Reilly said Web 2.0. This interview is of outsize importance. 
  • And what are those mistakes?
  • Tablet PC. Still elusive. Overhyped? 
  • A L
  • Droid does? 
  • Slum kids' easy ways with the computer.“Where’s my Oscar?” Ha!
  • Mashable beat TechCrunch on page hits with Twitter marketing.
  • Anonymous no more.
  • Amazon + Twitter.
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