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  • Web search, real time search, social search.The social search space is in major flux.
  • Murdoch, Madoff, Mark Cuban. Cuban is missing the point. He is going back to the era of the Yahoo directories way of doing search. The list of the top 1,000,000 sites is in constant flux as it should be.
  • Twitter and Google. This is a dream come true for me. Index all tweets ever. Index all real time tweets. And then help make sense.
  • Facebook updates are very valuable. I am counting links to news articles and videos among the updates. You have your personal repository that you want to dig into at a later date.
  • If Twitter is your entry point to the web which is your entry point to the world, does that put Twitter in some kind of a central position? Sure.
  • The Google Chrome Operating System is showing up earlier than I had expected. But I guess they did say some time in Fall, did they not? A Netbook with a large enough screen with a Chrome OS on it, now that would be something. 
  • Unless Twitter grows and keeps adding new features to richen the experience, it might stay among the tech elite.
  • If this is not JP Rangaswami
  • Give India time. There is space for many Silicon Valleys across the world.
  • A Yahoo Connect sounds like a good idea.

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