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All Inclusive Resorts

All Inclusive Resort
Jamaica All Inclusive Vacations
Caribbean Resorts
Breezes offers the above. Life's a breeze through Breezes will take you to the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, Panama and Brazil. What is your idea of a vacation? Take to the tropics. Contact for vacation plans, for weddings, for honeymoons. Call any time.

The site gives you detailed information on each offering, and it allows you to make all your reservations online. The pages are so photo and information rich, planning your vacation is going to feel like a mini vacation all on its own.

Make your life a breeze through

Arrington's Thanksgiving

Microsoft and old media: Not the best way to compete with Google. 1997 Steve Jobs. A great way for Arrington to celebrate Thanksgiving. Chrome add-ons. Facebook has been lousy with search so far. It has to treat each update as that unit that we should be able to search. It has to be more than about looking up people. Facebook updates did not kill Twitter. Twitter geo tagging will not kill FourSquare. I think FourSquare might be upto something. Angel investing is not for the chicken hearted. 999 business ideas.
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Madonna Is Dating Jesus, No Kidding


Ustream: Realtime

Finally, Twitter Ads

The Chrome OS is out. Long live the Chrome OS. Twitter is starting to make money. About time.
Across the pond: the startup culture is different slightly. Scoble growing horns.So what is a super tweet?Gmail forever. Monetizing real time.Twitter ads. Ugh, finally.
The sleep industry. Ha! First time I am hearing the term.  Old media: yet another step in self-destruction. Maybe now so. But later Chrome OS will compete more directly. Mark Zuckerberg, movie star. Social media jobs.  A Clearwire rebound?
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Web 2.0 Expo NY 09

I Got My Retweet Button Now


Online Casino Gambling Pub

Image by tricky ™ via Flickr
Gambling Pub is a rating site. If you are going to gamble online anyway, it is best you play it safe and are informed. You don't want to end up in the clutch of scamsters, and you want to have a ton of fun. When you are looking for your casino online this site comes in handy. It has reviewed and rated many of the online casino games and tallied them in a user friendly way so you don't have to browse around hoping to find just the right casino games for you.The site also lists free casinos for those who want to have some fun without having to dip into their pockets. The reviews are specific. The site strives to be your one stop shop for all your online gambling needs. Bonus size, payout percentage, customer service, game features, number of games, software graphics, ease of use: these are some of the metrics used to tally the various online casinos. All the top ones in the country are listed. This site helps you get the most out of online gambling, i…

When O'Reilly Said 2.0

Image by Frans Persoon via Flickr
Obama not on Twitter. This makes the "humbled" tweet really interesting. Outright book keeping. Microsoft to Google: that was fast. IBM eating its own dog food on business analytics. That all in one device will be the Internet Computer. It will replace the PC, the Netbook, the smartphone, the Kindle. When O'Reilly said Web 2.0. This interview is of outsize importance. And what are those mistakes? Tablet PC. Still elusive. Overhyped? A LDroid does? Slum kids' easy ways with the computer.“Where’s my Oscar?” Ha!
Mashable beat TechCrunch on page hits with Twitter marketing. Anonymous no more. Amazon + Twitter.
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This Blog's Alexa Rank Is Up Substantially

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A few days back I realized this blog's Alexa rank is up substantially. Right now it stands at close to 200,000. Early this year, if I remember it right, it was closer to 2,000,000. Maybe it was 1.8 million. But it was definitely up and above the million mark. My two other blogs are still past the million mark, way past. How did this happen. I can take a guess. My guess is this blog went up in the ranks because it is this blog that I link to from my Twitter page, and as I have moved from 300 followers to more than 30,000 followers on Twitter, my Twitter page has gone up in value.When someone follows you on Twitter it is like they linked to your Twitter page from their Twitter page. That drives up the web value of your Twitter page. So a link to this blog from my Twitter page is a valuable link. Hopefully that translates into better rates for blog post ads.

Twitter Should Go For A Netscape-Like IPO

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Web Search, Real Time Search, Social Search

Web search, real time search, social search.The social search space is in major flux.
Murdoch, Madoff, Mark Cuban. Cuban is missing the point. He is going back to the era of the Yahoo directories way of doing search. The list of the top 1,000,000 sites is in constant flux as it should be. Twitter and Google. This is a dream come true for me. Index all tweets ever. Index all real time tweets. And then help make sense. Facebook updates are very valuable. I am counting links to news articles and videos among the updates. You have your personal repository that you want to dig into at a later date. If Twitter is your entry point to the web which is your entry point to the world, does that put Twitter in some kind of a central position? Sure. The Google Chrome Operating System is showing up earlier than I had expected. But I guess they did say some time in Fall, did they not? A Netbook with a large enough screen with a Chrome OS on it, now that would be something. Unless Twitter grows and k…

And If This Is Not JP Rangaswami

Deindexing Murdoch

For Murdoch to deindex from Google and to ask Bing to pay to be able to index, that goes against the basic ethos of the internet. This goes against the spirit of Net neutrality. Google paying to Twitter is not the same thing. Because Twitter does real time search, Google does not do real time search, so Google pays Twitter to be able to offer real time search. For the media companies to start playing this indexing, deindexing game would be problematic. Instead of the move resuscitating the old media empires, it might be a huge bonanza to the blogosphere. In short, the deindexing move would be an act of self-destruction on the part of old media. Murdoch's Google Gambit - The Opinionator Blog -
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Short Task

Image by edgeplot via Flickr
Short Task Review: Short Task is a website that is a meeting ground for individuals and companies that want short tasks done, and those who are eager to do those tasks. Such short tasks are great for those who like to work from home.
Work at HomeWork from HomeThese are not enormous projects. For that there are other websites available. This site is specifically for bite size tasks. Seekers, as they are called at the site, want work done. Solvers get the work done. 

This is a skilled, virtual workforce that tackles the tasks that get listed. The site is high on innovation and does a good job of allowing Solvers/Seekers to handle their tasks. 

Research, Data Entry, Writing and Design are some of the broad categories of tasks. There are numerous subcategories.

This site is a great marketplace and deserves to grow leaps and bounds. The site offers 21st century style work for the knowledge workers who can and should be able to work from anywhere. That way it i…


Image is a place to go to get a stroller for your baby. You have many brand names to choose from, as well as many different types of strollers.

Do you like jogging strollers? Do you like double strollers? Do you like triple strollers? Do you like umbrella strollers? There are many other options available.

You get reviews, buying guides, and free shipping.

Do you like them cheap? You can shop by price. There are also clearance items listed.
And if you have to call them, they got a toll free number. That is a touch to the online and the social.

You can also buy accessories, baby gifts.

They have stroller reviews, buying guides, and information on stroller safety. This is stroller shopping information age style. Go take a look.

The store accepts all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

StrollersZooper StrollersDisney Strollers

Eric Schmidt

C++ plus Python = Google GO

Image via CrunchBase
Why was this not talked about before Google actually did it? I am surprised Mashable and TechCrunch have the story, but it is not yet out there on the official Google blog.

Let the guessing game begin. What will be the next big thing Google will do? As big as a new programming language, as big as a new operating system.

To launch a new programming language is a big deal. This is like when Sun came up with Java.

Google Open Source Blog: Ho! Ho! Let's Go!

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Camelback Displays: Every Type Of Portable Display

Every type of portable display under the sun, that's the idea.
All Trade Show DisplaysTrade Show Booths
Exhibit TrussTrade Show FlooringTable Skirts
Banner Stands Of All TypesTrade Show FurniturePipe And DrapeStages And Stage SkirtingGraphic Tents And CanopyTrade Show LightsLight BoxesLiterature/Brochure HoldersHanging Overhead DisplaysCrowd ControlPresentation ToolsDesign And LayoutAren't you glad every type of portable display under the sun is all under one roof? Does that not make your life easier? Camelback Displays got your back alright.

By the time you have made your purchases you will realize there are many, many different ways of putting together your displays to have the maximum impact on your audience. Many permutations and combinations can be imagined. But not before you have made your basic purchases of the essential display items.
trade show exhibitstable coverstable top displaydirectors chairs

Kevin Rose


Steve Mills Of IBM: RealTime

My Talk On Social Media At The Science House MeetUp


I gave a talk last night at the Science HouseMeetUp. The NY Tech MeetUp is the best big MeetUp in town. I like to say the Science House MeetUp is the best small MeetUp in town. After my talk was over I learned from James (@ScienceHouse) that Esther Dyson will also be talking in a few weeks. I was floored. I think so very highly of Dyson. I can't believe I got to talk in the same setting. That is what I was thinking.

@gabidewit @habiteer @chrisharwood @BrainiacDating were some of the people in attendance. Two Indians showed up, one a doctor, another a software guy who said he quit a 150K job to get started with his startup. His idea had oomph, but he came across as in the very early stages of gelling th…

Fun Holiday Eyeglasses From Zenni

Remember Zenni Optical during this holiday season when you are shopping around for glasses for your children. Do you have children who wear glasses? Do they sometimes break them or lose them? Or perhaps even often? Does that end up costing you a lot of money? Are you looking to be able to afford ($8 Prescription Zenni Glasses) fashionable glasses for your children?
Holiday Fun Glasses New Arrivals

Hackers/Founders MeetUp: Last Thursday Each Month

I met the Norwegian Sindre Aarsaether at the last NY Tech MeetUp. He put an invite to the Hackers/Founders MeetUp on my Facebook wall. I signed up, I showed up. This was only the sixth Hackers/Founders MeetUp in New York. It has been growing fast. They are not listed on, or at least the New York one is not. And it is curious they do it on the last Thursday of each month. The NY Tech MeetUp is on the first Tuesday of each month. I felt a sense of competition. But that does not apply to me. To me the two add to each other. The NY Tech MeetUp's biggest down point is that it collects 500 wonderful people in a room and lets them go to waste. Perhaps it is too big, but I have always wondered about the others in the room. At the Hackers/Founders MeetUp all the people that show up are the attraction. There is no other attraction. I guess you can argue the NY Tech MeetUp tries to get some of that at the after party, but my experience has been most people prefer to skip the after…

Twitter Should Go For A Netscape-Like IPO

Netscape was just a browser. It was not making any money. But it went public. It acquired a market value of billions overnight. That launched the dot com craze. That might have partly been responsible for many dot com booms and busts in the years ahead. The message that a business need not make money was, well, wrong. But the internet was very real, the web was very real, dot com was as real as it gets.

I think Twitter should similarly go public. And with the newfound wealth it should start zapping up companies left and right in the Twitter ecosystem. It should integrate all the hottest features into Twitter itself.

A tweet is like the atom in physics. A tweet is the building block to so many wonderful things. Twitter is utility. It is that fundamental. The revenue generation can wait. With the Netscape browser it was hard to imagine how money was going to be made. With Twitter, it is not that hard.

Are Bing and Google paying Twitter money to be able to search through all the tweets?…