Larry And The Cloud

Larry Ellison Still Hates “Cloud Computing Nonsense” (Video) TechCrunch


Larry has been doing cloud computing all along. He is not hostile to the concept, he has been one of its pioneers. What he is hostile to is the terminology, as if it has been something invented last year while Larry was asleep at the wheel.

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China at 60: The Road to Prosperity Time Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power without significant external support — theirs was largely a homegrown revolution. ...... to regain China's fu qiang (wealth and power), dignity, international respect and territorial integrity. ...... Mao's social engineeringpolitical campaigns. ....... China is the world's most populous and industrious nation, is the world's third largest economy and trading nation, has become a global innovator in science and technology, and is building a world-class university system. ...... It is at peace with continually convulsed China in unrelenting
Territories currently administered by two stat...
its neighbors and all major powers. Its hybrid model of quasi-state capitalism and semidemocratic authoritarianism — sometimes dubbed the "Beijing Consensus" — has attracted attention across the developing world. ...... China is the first major economy to recover from the global recession and, indeed, is leading the world out of it. ........ begun to experiment with very limited political reforms .... recently surpassed Germany as the largest exporting nation. Its GNP is on course to overtake Japan's by 2010 and perhaps that of the U.S. by 2020. ........ China is beginning to move up the technological ladder and is becoming more innovative in certain sectors such as electronics and biotechnology. .......... producing two-thirds of all photocopiers, microwaves and shoes; 60% of cell phones; 55% of DVDs; over half of all digital cameras; 30% of personal computers; and 75% of children's toys  ...........  a staggering $2 trillion in foreign exchange — the largest reserves in the world — and is beginning to invest significant amounts abroad  ....... 450 out of the FORTUNE 500 American companies have production lines and a business presence in China  .... the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment .......... Chinese state and society have also reconnected with the past, emphasizing Confucian and Buddhist values. ........ Basic literacy is almost universal in China today, while it was roughly 20% in 1949. ........  The blogosphere and Internet are alive with unbridled discussion — unless and until it crosses the state censor's invisible hand........ Income disparities (as measured by the Gini coefficient) are now approaching the highest in the world. ......... one must really be a party member to get ahead professionally ....... 76 million party members ...... Instead of being a totalitarian party dominated by a single leader, the CCP today is an
People's Liberation Army in dress uniform. Thi...Image via Wikipedia
authoritarian party with a collective leadership. ....... is becoming a hybrid party with elements of East Asian neo-authoritarianism, Latin American corporatism and European social democracy all grafted to Confucianist-Leninist roots. .......... It now has both interests and a presence in parts of the world completely new to China — such as Latin America and the Middle East — and enjoys rising international prestige. ........ China now has over 2,100 peacekeeping personnel deployed in about a dozen nations worldwide — more than any other member of the U.N. Security Council. This is one tangible expression of China's strong commitment to the U.N. Today, indeed, the PRC may be the greatest advocate of the U.N. among the major powers. ........... China's military is the best in Asia and in some sectors is approaching NATO standards. ...... Public opinion polls in Europe and the U.S. regularly reflect a negative image of China
Ahmadinejad: Iran's Man of Mystery

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