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I Now Have Google Wave

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An hour or so back I got an email from Google saying now I had access to Google Wave. Looks like they have come far enough in their rollout that they are even thinking of me now. Wow. This is exciting.

I must admit the first few minutes were kind of a downer. I guess I was expecting music.

Then it came to me. I have not participated in a full Wave discussion yet.

And Twitter thought it was real time. Wave is near time to the power of at least five. 

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WildBlue Satellite Internet

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WildBlue Satellite Internet gets you to speeds up to 30 times faster than your traditional dial up and is available all across the contiguous US. You get broadband speeds, strong connections, and great internet service.The installation process is seamless. They have great customer service.

Experience the internet the way it is meant to be experienced. Go high speed because WildBlue goes everywhere. They have some great deals going on right now.

Sign up for this great product right now.

I Have Access To Twitter Lists

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And now if only I had access to Google Wave, that would so complete the circle for me. But I just noticed I now have access to Twitter lists. It is not available to everybody yet, but I guess I got in early enough in the rollout of this wonderful feature. I am excited.

I follow more than 30,000 people now. I think I am going to greatly appreciate this feature. There are about 100 people that I would like to follow more closely.

And one person put me on five of his lists a week or so back for simply meeting me on a Friendfeed thread. Real time works.

Jeff Jarvis, Me And Twitter
I Must Be Following A Lot Of People On Twitter
NYC Twitter Elite: Number 12
My First Tweet From My Phone

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Web 2.0 Summit 09

Merchant Cash Finder

Credit is tight. What you gonna do?

Merchant Cash Finder helps you navigate these hard times. It seeks alternative sources of funding for you. It does so by having teamed up the Business Cash Advance industry's top players to offer the merchant a choice of several providers. You pick what is best for you. You get to have a say in the Merchant Cash Advance.

Credit might be tight. But you still will have a choice. You will still have credit. This wheel is not going to stop turning.

Jeff Jarvis, Me And Twitter


Google, Bing And Social Media

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Tweets And Facebook Updates: The Mumbojumbo (October 11)
Google and Bing Race to Search Social Media BusinessWeek (0ctober 21) traffic to microblogging site Twitter surged more than tenfold in the past year, while Facebook's traffic almost tripled. ...... The new Bing and Google services will index all public Twitter streams, and let users search for tweets on a specific topic right from the main search site........ without having to log into Twitter or Facebook as often. ........... ....... Microsoft also announced a deal with Facebook on Oct. 21 that will eventually incorporate Facebook users' public messages into Bing search results. ......... Microsoft runs search on Facebook while Google is responsible for search on MySpace ....... Google Audio Indexing tool already lets people search audio in YouTube videos  BusinessWeek (October 21)


This has been a long time coming.

A tweet is a basic unit, an atom. A Facebook update is like a …

Droid Does

I have viscerally stayed away from the iPhone, for all the shaking of the culture that it has done.You could argue this Third World guy simply could not afford it, and that is why. I have admired it but I have not taken the step. My tech startup is to do with the IC - Internet Computer - vision. A key part of it is a laptop like device that competes with both the PC and the smartphone to become the center of gravity in computing. So not going for the iPhone has been to eat one's own dog food, even if that dog food has only existed
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so far in vision. But a browser-centric life and work style can feel like you are already living it. And if you spend as much time online as I do, when you get offline, you want to be offline. I am not much of a phone person as is. I have preferred digital communication: email, blog, Twitter, Facebook. Even digital phones carry analog baggage. Recently I have found a great use for my prepaid mobile phone. I tweet from my phone once in…

Content, Microcontent, Blogging, Microblogging

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I was just busy leaving tens of comments at this particular blog post by Fred Wilson, the VC also known as AVC, and it occurred to me that we treat blog comments as almost illegitimate. There is that near universal no follow command that pulls down comments left at most blogs. I appreciate the logic behind it. Spam commenters would skew the GooglePageRank mechanism. Links in the comments sections should not carry the same weights as links in the body of articles and blog posts. But to say they should carry no weight
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at all is ridiculous. By that logic, email should be banned. Those Nigerian dictators are reason enough. So far the way we have treated blog comments - with hostility - stems out of ignorance. If you don't fathom it, destroy it. 

[WordPress #336657]: Not Being Able To Leave Comments

By that logic, Twitter is out and out ridiculous. (I Get Twitter) 140 characters? Come on.

There is blogging and there is microblogging. Twitter is m…

I Must Be Following A Lot Of People On Twitter

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Or people I follow must tweet a lot. I was just on my Twitter main page hoping to click over to my Direct Messages, but right before I clicked on to Direct Messages, I caught eye of a tweet by a woman who said something along the lines of, I love football, men wearing funny clothes, falling over each other. The tweet I thought was funny, very funny actually. Call me a Third World guy enamored by soccer and soccer alone, but I never quite got the hang of football. But by then I had already clicked on to my Direct Messages. I clicked the back button. But that does not do the trick. You are
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still on the same web address when you click on Direct Messages. So I had to click on Home. The tweet was gone, flushed downstream. I kept clicking on More, until I could not do it no more. I guess Twitter allows you to click on More only so many times. The lady and her tweet were gone, nowhere to be found. That is when I realized to follow 27,000 people is to fol…

Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen


Business Services Buying Made Easy

Image is true to its name. It gets the vendors competing for your business. The system is free for buyers. Buyers can make referral fees.

The site is "a pioneer in open competitive bidding." That drives the costs down for you, but the cheapest is not always the best. The site also gets buyers to rate the service providers. So you have others like you rating the vendors.

Some of the business services you might be looking for are accounts payable, book keeping, telemarketing, document shredding, medical billing, social media marketing, website design and warehousing. 

Register at for free

(This is a blog post ad and is not listed on the Contents page.)

Just Click Local

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JustClickLocal is a top 5000 site. It is visited by over a million people every month in the US. It is like the Yellow Pages, only faster. The site gets updated regularly. This site is a great place to list your business, and to look for local vendors you might need services from. Are you looking for roofing work? Accounting sevices? An attorney? A barber? Go to JustClickLocal and do a quick search.
Atlanta, GA
Buffalo, NY
St. Louis, MO

Innovative Web Design Company

PrimeView has had clients like Nissan, National Car Rental and University of Phoenix. One of PrimeView's great projects was turning around a disorganized 800 page medical college website. Now the site is navigable and welcoming.

Creating great, welcoming websites and getting visitors to show up to those sites: that is what PrimeView does. It gets the word out through social media, online marketing and search engine optimization. (Arizona SEO) PrimeView creates sites that rank well in the search engine results.

Google up Arizona web design to end up at PrimeView. Take a look at some of the work at the cool before and after gallery.

A Netflix For Books Needed

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Netflix For Books

Google might have started with public domain books, and Amazon might have taken a step with its Kindle and the $9.99 per downloaded book, but what would really change the game is if you could pay a monthly flat fee and read as many books as you might want online. That would include books old and new. Charging 10 bucks a month for that would make sense. The Netflix business model needs to be replicated for books, or maybe Netflix itself should want to get into the books business. They have already done it for movies, maybe they are well positioned to replicate it for books.

Kindle Or The Browser

Google wants to do over your browser what Amazon wants to do through its Kindle. My prejudice is for the browser. You should not need a different appliance to read books. Your computer should do it.
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Hey, you already paid for it.

All Books Need To Go Digital

In The News
Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending New York Times 
When the…

The Next Big Thing In Social Networking

The social has been all the buzz on the web for a few years now. And it is still going strong, for good reason. You might not remember Friendster, but that came along before MySpace. And MySpace was all
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the rage. Then Facebook took over. Like Sam Walton claimed, you can reinvent retailing "again and again and again."

The social has been the web maturing. It is not about technology, it is about people. That is the message.

The joke at my high school back in the days was trousers narrow at the bottom and then go wide again a few years later. How else could the fashion pendulum swing? The social is the trousers going wide
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at the botttom. But the pendulum will swing.

The next generation of social networking is going to be about the individual. That well defined individual's social interactions online will reflect the ones offline. You are closer to some people than others. You share more with some than others. Everybody on Facebook bei…

NYC Twitter Elite: Number 12


Sitting Next To David Rose At The NY Tech MeetUp

David Rose is a legend on the New Yorktechnology scene. I had known his name for a while. Heck, I got to know him name before I educated myself on Fred Wilson's name (@fredwilson). I had even talked to him over Facebook email once.

Last month I showed up half an hour early and quite liked it. I asked my first question at a NY Tech MeetUp. It was something to do with having spoken to two of the key speakers before they went on stage. So this month I showed up early as well. You go take a seat in the second row in the front, to the right of the stage, and you are in good shape. I did not plan it that way, but when I looked up and around I saw an empty seat between me and David Rose. He was putting some effort into his name tag. He had written his name David in double lines and was furiously coloring between the lines.

October 2009 NY Tech MeetUp

Then he moved one seat closer after Dawn Barber motioned for him to move over. Finally after a few presentations had been made on stage, and…

My First Time Seeing Jimmy Fallon In Action

Pete Cashmore

Celebrating YouTube