Taking Broadband To Every American: What Google And The Feds Can Do

My Idea

What Google Can Do

Google should buy 2% of my company for 100K right away: Google's Newest Venture: Google Ventures. You guys are great at software for the internet age. And hardware is coming along. Think outside the box. Invest in those of us who are coming to it from the connectivity angle.

What The Feds Can Do

Think of broadband the way Eisenhower thought of interstate highways. And act accordingly. The US should have spent 100 billion dollars out of the 780 billion stimulus on broadband. That would have been the best bet out of this economic glum. That would be the single best thing to do to take Americans to the jobs, companies and industries of tomorrow.

Submit your ideas to change the face of broadband
Google submits initial comments supporting a National Broadband Plan
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