A Small Hiatus

Moved into a new place, and Time Warner took its time to reconnect us. A former roomie - former as of June 30, he moved to Chicago for two months - put down first floor when he should have said second; in Britain it is ground floor and first floor, in America it is first, second; background radiation from British colonialism - and so the Time Warner guy who showed up last Thursday left saying sorry, wrong address, can't do it. Granted there is free wifi, but as of two days back, looks like neighbors found out and started blocking us out. But I have had daily or more blog posts. How? Well, the shared wifi had been on someone else' laptop. And I found out fast I have forgotten my Facebook password. The last two blog posts have been the scheduled type. Just in time. The Time Warner guy who connected me to the world today was duly served warmed up Indian sweets: lalmohan!

The small hiatus explains the absence of Zemanta from my blog posts since July 1.

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