Mobile Web Is Still Web, Not Desktop Gone Small

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I am with Google on this one, not Apple. Apple's mobile experience has been a throwback to the era of Windows. You could argue we still have one leg in the Windows era, but for how long? A link in Microsoft Word might open up a browser when you click on it, but Word is a desktop application, and that is a throwback, a handicap.

The mobile experience is an on the go experience. The screen is smaller. But it should be a web experience not a desktop-like experience. The iPhone apps have to be downloaded. They should instead be staying in the cloud. They should be used on your smartphone, but you should not have to have a copy of the application.

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The two models might co-exist for a while, but the future clearly belongs to the web version.
Google Says Mobile Web Apps Will Win In The Long Haul TechCrunch Native Apps, or Web Apps? ....... The iPhone began its life with Web Apps, only to later open up native support and become the apotheosis of how app development and distribution can be done. ....... Even Google, who will try to jam just about anything into the cloud, is putting a lot of weight behind running things locally on their Android platform. ..... Twitter client? Sure. Complex 3D games? Yeah, probably not. ........ With the advancement of HTML5 and Web App-centric SDK’s like Palm’s Mojo, the limitations are dwindling. ....... As mobile broadband speeds increase and APIs are opened up ...... Once the consumer can’t tell the difference between something running on their handset and something coming off the web, they stop caring.

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