So I Have Decided To Launch A Blog Carnival

I went ahead and launched this blog carnival. The first edition is out on July 1. I hope I can

Carnival in Saint Petersburg, RussiaImage via Wikipedia

bring out a new edition on the first of each month.

These below are some other carnivals run by others of possible interest to me.
I feel like blogging is meant to be a social activity. Carnivals take that social aspect to a whole new level.

Upcoming Blog Carnival on Women & Caregiving | Our Bodies Our Blog
20th Edition Book Review Blog Carnival | Book Dads
"Tracks:" A Train Travel Blog Carnival
Advanced Gaming & Theory: Blog Carnival: STEAMPUNK & KLOKWERKS
Location Independent Blog Carnival #1 | Thrilling Heroics
Fighting Fatigue CFS & Fibromyalgia Blog Carnival #11 ...
Blog Carnival vs Blogroll
Link Love - Asian Women Blog Carnival at Racialicious - the ...
July Blog Carnival Submissions Wanted
Social Media Blog Carnival- Lucky #13 | Austin Social Media

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