Seth Godin: Best Business Blogger?

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Seth Godin poured some water on Twitter saying the reason he does not want to get on Twitter is because he would rather continue being the best business blogger in the world. He can't be the best Tweet, but that he is already the reigning business blogger.

The guy is a great business blogger. He pours out pearls of wisdom. His blog posts read like fables. And the grand claim, if not factually true, is absolutely great marketing. His marketing tips have been more believable to me in the aftermath.

His blog is a nice one to keep up with. It is inspiring. And recently I had an email from the guy. I said how come your trackback thing is not working? Trust me, if I knew how to fix it, I would fix it, he said. Then he got me talking to his techies.

It felt like getting a picture taken with a movie star.

I really like his emphasis on out of the box thinking.

From The Netizen BlogRoll

Learning from Singer More now than ever, success today is no guarantee of success tomorrow. ..... I bet you can list a dozen "critical" industries that will be as relevant to life in 2020 as Singer is to our world today. ...... Hiding isn't working, and neither is whining. The best marketing strategy is to destroy your industry before your competition does.
Circling the big domino They try to launch worldwide and beat Google. They try to get an endorsement from the Prince of Denmark. They try to break out with a feature on a major blog. They try to act like Coca Cola from the first day. And they try and they try and they try until they get so frustrated, they quit. ..... A few brands pick out tiny dominos instead. And topple them. And they do it again.
On the road to mediocrity
Two ways to build trust What works is someone walking the walk while they talk a good game. ..... their lack of spin and hustle hit exactly the right tone
Circles of Convenience convenient approaches rarely break through or generate extraordinary returns
Scalejacking The internet is about who, not how many. The internet lets you take really good care of 100 people instead of harassing 2,000. ..... "Be with the ones you love (and the ones that love you.)" Ignore everyone else.
What's off the table? Big marketing breakthroughs always come from doing something that everyone else says is off the table.
You matter
Textbook rant assigning a textbook to your college class is academic malpractice. ...... In a world of wikipedia, where every definition is a click away, it's foolish to give me definitions to memorize. ..... I've never seen a single blog post that says, "wait until I explain what I learned from a textbook!" ..... This industry deserves to die.
Ruby slippers
How big is your farm?
Should Hugh swear so much? The irony, as most multimillionaire authors will tell you, is that it's art that creates the commerce, not the other way around.
Direct and useful project feedback I'm not talking about annual reviews (which are stupid) ..... (Not criticism, feedback).
Guy #3
Tough! if you're a little tougher than people who are ready to give up, or you are a little more creative than people who are stuck, you'll break through.
Graduate school for unemployed college students Start, run and grow an online commun

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"Why am I here?"
You're boring
When smart people are hard to understand
Learning from the MBA program We didn’t do this at all at when I was at Stanford. We spent a lot of time reading irrelevant case studies and even more time building complex financial models. ........ The act of defending your work in writing became a habit, and once it was a habit, the quality of everything improved. ...... There's not much I'm going to tell you that's not in my blog posts or books.
Out of bounds Nike isn't allowed to make a computer ..... once you have permission to talk to someone, finding new products or services for them is a smart way to grow.
Thinking about the compromise I know people with $50,000,000 in the bank who still don't believe that they have enough, who still grind away at a job they don't like trying to earn another penny. .... No right answers, but some good questions.

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