NY Internet Week: NYTM Showcase

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I showed up and was there for all three hours. I have missed the past two MeetUps, I missed the one tonight also. Do we have to do Amazon payments? Whatever happened to PayPal and cash? There is something moneylike about cash. I like cash.
This was an amazing, amazing gathering. I managed to show up at every single stall. Bumping into Scott and Mark was a nice way to conclude the evening for me. Right before that I bumped into Faraz.

I was very much in my element by the end. Talking to so many people drove up my energy level substantially.

Afterwards I walked over to 41st and 9th. Half way there I got myself a free Red Bull from a Red Bull advertising car driven around by two young models. Red Bull gives you wings, they say.

At the event I met two potential angel investors, and many interesting people, collected many business cards. I might have built a few contacts. Mostly it is about sharing in the energy of fellow entrepreneurs. Otherwise I am not into the dot com space with my startup like almost everyone in the hall was.

I made a point to tell the Zemanta guy how much I appreciated their service. Zemanta has taken my blogging to a whole new level.

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