Maybe America Does Not Need To Make Things

Does America Need to Make Things? TechCrunch

Farming is still around, but what percentage of Americans are farmers? A small percentage feeds the rest. Used to be most people were farmers. But then productivity started going up. And fewer people could feed the masses.

Maybe productivity levels are similarly going up in the industrial sector as well. Only the entire globe is the stage.

Maybe the future is that
  1. Many traditional industrial jobs will move to countries where labor is cheap.
  2. New green tech industries will come in.
  3. Many workers will be retrained, re-educated for new, better paying jobs.
  4. The new generation will go into the service sector, the knowlegde sector, the web sector of the economy en masse.
The education and health in America have been designed for bygone industrial eras. A country that might send 90% of its college graduates into the service/knowledge sector might want to reinvent the education wheel.

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