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TechCrunch Now Number Two Tech Blog As Mashable Surges Business Insider

Just earlier in the day, or was it early this morning, late last night, past midnight, I read somewhere - it was possibly on Twitter this morning, perhaps a tweet from Joe Twippi, I mean Trippi - that Facebook was now competing with Google in terms of traffic. And now I see the VC pal Mark Peter Davis in my Facebook stream with this Business Insider bombshell:

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TechCrunch Now Number Two Tech Blog As Mashable Surges.

Facebook is social media. Mashable is the ultimate social media blog. I have been a big believer in social media from the outset but these two news items have made me sit up in the chair. What's going on here? Whwaaaa!

..... Facebook’s traffic compared to search giants Yahoo and Google. (TechCrunch)

When you go online, what is the first place you go? Not Google? I go to Google many times on any one day, but it is not my first destination.

But I am suspicious of the "bad" news on Twitter for the past month. You ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to Twitter. Given a choice between Facebook and Twitter, I'd rather spend an hour on Twitter, no sweat, but I'd prefer not to have to choose.

And Google is about to experience a second act. Google Wave is going to be huge. So don't count the big dog out yet. On Twitter, it is not about the person, it is about the tweet, it is about the stream. With wave, it is going to be less about the person, more about the wave and the wavelet.

But Facebook has a reason to celebrate, and work to do.

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