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Best Riverside HVAC

Best Riverside HVAC
Great customer serviceConsistent good quality workRiverside, California. Visit them online, have them call you.

Get a heat loss/gain evaluation done. Have load calculations performed. Doing it by size and square footage is the wrong way. "The average home leaks 30-40% of the air conditioning / heating into the attic and walls." Get out of that trap. You should be able to see a 15-20% reduction in utility bills.

Best Riverside HVAC

July: Netizen Blog Carnival Month


Bye Bye Geocities


Social Capital And The Venture Capital Game

This article in TechCrunch reinforces with sound data what you could have guessed on your own or rather, what is wisdom in the tech circles, that social capital matters. What you know is important, sure. We would like to believe there is a meritocracy. But who you know is alsImage via CrunchBaseo important, very important. It is not true that social capital is less important in a meritocracy. Not everyone has to have 10,000 friends, or even a thousand. How many people you know and stay in touch with depends on your personality type, career domain, success, how busy you keep, and a few other things. Can you smile? Can you say hello?

Maybe you know a lot, but would it not be swell if you could team up with people who also know a lot? Teaming up with people with similar goals and interests can take you a long way. Teaming up with people who compliment your knowledge and skill set is the only way to go. And then there's social Image via CrunchBasecapital for social reasons. Who do you …

Memory Upgrade

MAC Memory : Upgrade like a pro.
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There Aren't Enough Photos And Videos Online

Image via CrunchBaseIs there enough text online? Not really. Unless all books ever printed are taken online and are available full text, there will not be. Run ads alongside, I say. Make a little bit of money from a lot of people.

Is there enough text online? There is a lot.

But there is a major dearth of images and videos. Billions of images are not enough. Millions of hours of video are not enough. That is not how that can be measured. It has to start with you, and every you there is. Any image anywhere, and I don't mean images captured by cameras, I mean anything any human eye can see from any angle, is all that online? We are not even at 1% right now. And we already do image search so badly. Images are not text. But we do textual image search. Images have to be searched based on imagerial attributes.

Ditto with video. There we are doing much worse than images. Image by zoompict (i'm back on n off! ) via Flickr

We are going to have to twitterize content creation when it comes t…

So I Have Decided To Launch A Blog Carnival

internet for the billionsI went ahead and launched this blog carnival. The first edition is out on July 1. I hope I can Image via Wikipediabring out a new edition on the first of each month.

These below are some other carnivals run by others of possible interest to me.
a make money blogging carnival
free business booksfree the internetget international clientslatest inventions in 2009leadership development carnivalmodern management philosophiessocial entrepreneurship todaysocial media blog carnivalsocial networking tips and tricksweb developersI feel like blogging is meant to be a social activity. Carnivals take that social aspect to a whole new level.

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Search: The Human Vs. The Machine

Search will remain the most exciting aspect of the web experience. Content creation and search will keep feeding on each other ad infinitum. Communication is important, but not the number one function on the web. It is content consumption. Search, search and more search.

Step one is conceptual. What would be the best possible formula? Twitter does not feel the need to index the entire web. The idea that because Google has the largest index of webpages and so it will always be number one has been challenged in ways small and big recently.

Twitter said no thanks absolutely to indexing. Wolfram Alpha said forget the 10 blue lines, let me get you straight to the answer. Bing said maybe we can't do better at search, and we are almost as good, but how about trying to beat Google on the presentation of search results? We are not a search engine, that would be Google. We are a decision engine, we will help you make better, faster decisions.

Disclosure: I have yet to visit the new Bing page, …

Michael Jackson's Death And The Internet: A New Way To Mourn

Michael Jackson via last.fmMichael Jackson: A Tribute
Outpouring of searches for the late Michael Jackson

We are no longer faceless fans. We have a voice. We have known to be heard on a presidential campaign trail. And, by God, we are going to mourn. That seems to be the feeling. There has been this immense outpouring of emotion. Michael Jackson touched many hearts over decades. He was a child in an adults' world, sometimes lost, always loved.

Only someone of his stature could have sparked rumors of an internet meltdown. In his death Michael Jackson has written a whole new chapter to this concept called social media.

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